Observations & Associations

Went out for milk the other night, I really wanted to see what I observed whilst it was dark. I think I was naturally drawn to light because it has much more of a presence during the nighttime. I would regard this as a basic level of observation, I think the more I start looking the more I will see!
What I do think was a nice observation, is the reflections in the water.
Reflections could be some content to work with?! 
After going out and photographing at random, then laboriously considering all of the photos I selected the most poignant images and deciphered what it was that enticed me to take the photo in the first place. Obviously when I initially took the photos, there was a desirability for that shot. When looking at the photo’s there was numerous shots that I was attracted to, for instance when out shooting at night a was lured towards photographing lights and light sources. This is most likely because when its dark, you are more reliant on light thus notice it more.  
Personally I think that when you associate two objects together, you are finding a relationship between two given items. This relationship could be form, colour, texture, context or scale. I is a link, I think what I need to be mindful that people will associate differently to me. For example people may associate a certain drink with a certain place, me Fanta lemon reminds me of being on holiday, and been handed the drink in a small glass bottle with a straw popping out of the top and sipping and the next to freezing liquid quenching my thirst. This can be applied to more than association with taste, it can be an association with any of the senses. This could be an interesting avenue to follow.  
This is not in Barcelona, its in charring cross Glasgow. But by placing text that says Barcelona next to an image are you then lead to believe that this is in fact Barcelona. Barcelona      
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