Magpie Vintage Clothing

This was my initail idea. The Client was looking for a more vintage, swing tag that looked like it had been 'Rubber Stamped'
Did have a lot of time for the typeface in this one!!
As soon as iI thought of rubber stamps I had 'The Strokes' in my head. 
Took alot of insperation from this.
Really just having a play arround with the layout.
This is the raw bare-bones of the logo!
Was looking at 'Stamped Rubber Swing Tags' . More often than not they was red.
Red is far to harsh.
#LondonUnderground ?!
Yep Black and White is doing it for me..! 
Whats not doing it for me is the way which the stroke was taking out parts of the elipse!
This needed Refining!
Bad Position - Needed Refining 
Needed to encorperate the Magpie at some point! It was hard to figure out where to put it, inittally it was at the bottom. But it was pointed out to me that the Magpie looks like it is 'Pushing' the logo up. It would look better if it was pulling it from the top!
(Thanks Jack) 
The Bird
In true fashion of the 'Magpie' I scavenged the magpie of Google Images. Then adapted it in Photoshop.
Initial Swing Tag Design
(Swing Tag Image Robbed of Google - for aestetic purpose only)
Starting to get into the finer details now.!!
-look at angle (More 30 Degrees)
-Pull Bird Up Slightly
-Keep text same size
-Keep intercharacter spacing the same
-add est.2013
Added est.2013 - Really impressed with that. The white text ballences it out well.
Finished Logo
The inner elipse is better ballanced between the 'M', the accender and decenders work much better on the 'M&E' also.
Double spaced between EST . 2013 (Also EST is in Caps gives a better feel)
At a 30 degree angle!
Quitely Happy With This Logo
Refined Swing Tag - This is only a photoshoped image
(Image of Google)
Title For eBay Page
Too Big
Too Small 
Just Right 
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