The Attention Trap
This project is focusing on creating an animated GIF using self generated material that presents a repeating moment, an animated change occouring over time. I started out by documenting a minute from day to day life to see if any interesting aesthetics presented themselves.
So I set off out with the camera! 
SECC -Car Park (Brutal)
SECC- In a Puddle

Innitally I was snapping architecture and filming traffic hoping for some inspiration!
The thing the was most present to me was the abundance of man made light that was knocking about.!! It's everywhere! 
This seems as good place as any to start from!
When you start looking for 'Man Made Light' its everywhere! 
(how to trasform this into a GIF - look for moving light)
These gave off some lovely colours!! (excuse the noise)
Hmm Noo Loop.!! 
Managed to get it to loop 10 times.!! (Refresh Page and scroll down quick to see it again!!)
​Cracking Inspiration   
Too Subtle!?
From the critique on Friday I got some really interesting feedback which opened up new channels of visuals. One of the most interesting visual connections that was made was light pollution! This is a brilliant area to look at! Going to try and source some imagery of the light pollution, I've seen some from nasa before so ill have a look at them.! It would be interesting to see if I make GIF's out of these sourced imagery. Then I am potentially going to look at recreating light pollution. Am thinking Black Card, Pin holes and a Light behind...?!
We'll See..
It looks like random dots of light. But if you look there is eliments of repertition!! 
These are all sourced from Flickr...
Bonfire night from above.!! 
The pin kept sticking into me hand and hurting at first... Nearly gave up.!! 
Adapt and overcome - Masking tape on't finger..!! 
BAD PHOTOGRAPHY - This is my hand shaking whilst takeing the photographs, makes it look like birds flying!
The last two GIF's are just too simple, they dont really catch my attention!
GIF of me making the Lightscape template 
STOP... Think about it...
After looking at some really interesting images of man made pollution I had a quite a clear visual in my head. It is like when you are looking out of a plane window at night and all the lights are glinting and shimmering. Wanted to try and replicate this threw a GIF. Initially I tried playing around with the sourced imagery to see what sort of effects that would give. I enjoyed the Tokyo one because I've always wanted to be on a plane when its bonfire night and look down at the Fireworks instead of looking up at them! After that I played with the map of america, I find it fascinating how big of a country it actually is! They have different time zones with in the one country!! I wanted to try and show this through a GIF.
After playing around with the sourced imagery I wanted to try and make my own city lightscape. The initial point of call was black card and a pin and some blue-tac. This gave off some really interesting effects! Turns out some of the more interesting photos were the ones where my hand was shaking thus giving nice light trials! I made some GIF's from these images. But there sort of dull and not really attention catching. I think I've done enough playing around with the GIFS now to be able to start refining my ideas and layering them together to try make an
Really Subtle.. When Spot the movment it makes me want to check the rest of the GIF for movment.
I mean am masking some of the GIF's and I think it gives a nice effect. But I need to really concider what it is communicating. 
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