Creative Writing

To access new and exciting thoughts through writing as a means of generating ideas and imagery!

Workshop Reflection 
At the start of this project I was a tad bored but I think it takes a while for you sub-concious to kick in to gear. Then eventually it did!! I was writing drivel for the majority of the workshop but what interested me more than anything was nostalgic flashes. Taking me back to been a little lad and practicing rugby goal kicking with my dad and watching my dad play rugby on a saturday. This brought a smile to my face because I had all but forgotten about these memories. On further reflection of the workshop I found that on certain exercises the nostalgic flashes was stronger.   
The initial plan was to jump on train home and take some film photographs of the places where I used to knock about when I was younger. After thinking (and a chat with Jack) about it I realised that it  was not the best use of my time so it was back to thinking about how to visualise it!
From the project I really connected with three of the exercises and could see a clear process link between the three. The first was the blind writing, this was good because I was not really thinking about what I was writing it was more making marks with thoughts going on in my head. This is when I found the strongest flashes of nostalgia coming through. Because it was writing and most of it was overlaid you could not make sense of these raw thoughts they was all lost in the frantic mark making! This lead me on to thinking how can I capture and harness these raw thoughts. So I turned back to the workshop and looked for another exercise that kept me quite loose and allows thoughts to flow freely. The continuos line was one of these exercises that allowed for free thought with the text being slightly legible. When writing like this some of the rawness is lost because instead of it just being a mark my brain is having to process putting the thoughts in to words! But at least from this I could start to visualise from some of the writings. I wanted to try clarify my thoughts even further, so I turned back to the workshop again. Writing in capital letter really makes you think about what it is that you are writing. This ment I would have clear legible text from which to create visuals from!
New Plan
After a lot of reflecting on my initial nostalgic writings I was struggling to see how I was going to visualise what I was writing about other than illustrating. I was reluctant to pursue this visual in such a direct manor. This lead me on to thinking about process and the process which I was going through to accomplish the writing exercises. And just like that (Light BULB). I could apply the same techniques with a drawing/ illustrating twist.
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